Wedding DJ

DJ for the wedding… that is where it all started… We are music enthusiasts, and this passion is our driving force in creating wedding parties. We deal only with professionals, and our wedding DJs are not less passionate than us.

We provide professional music service for weddings, regardless of their shape, size and style. We have a huge repertoire, which we are able to adjust both to your needs and the likes of your guests. We will also be happy to know your musical favorites (and even more your personal “black list” :)). We will draft a preliminary plan before the party, which will help us to shape the musical character of the wedding to your vision. All this, of course, without forgetting about the guests, who will surely verify your initial plan ;); we can reassure you that our wedding DJs are experienced observers who vigilantly check the situation on the dance floor all throughout the party, trying to make each single guests stumble to the rhythm at least once.

DJ for a wedding also means technical resources. Don’t worry, though. We won’t bore you (unless you ask for it ;)) with any technical descriptions and names of speakers, drivers or mixing consoles that we use. All you need to know is that we work only on the highest quality equipment, each time matching the sound system to the particular space in which we play.

Our offer also includes decorative lighting, interior and exterior architectural lighting, retro lamps, LED strips and finally our “must have” – i.e. the “Party Lights” bulb garland. However, while offering you the right lighting for your wedding, we observe a well-known principle: “less is more!”. Therefore, we opt for warm, natural colors to emphasize and fill the space.