Organization of humanist weddings

A humanist wedding is a ceremony which is a beautiful and informal alternative to official ceremonies. Plus, it is an opportunity to say “YES” among your loved ones when a traditional church ceremony is not an option. A humanist wedding can also be a warming and more emotional element of an official marriage by certificate.

And what does it look like in practice? How can we help you? On our part, the organization of humanist weddings primarily includes a plan concerning your ideas and dreams, which we then make into a whole, i.e. a personalized scenario of the ceremony. We can also prepare your personal speech delivered during the ceremony by the marriage officiant and offer our support in preparing your vows in both Polish and English.

Apart from planning the ceremony and leading it by our officiants, the organization of humanistic wedding also means the coordination of the event’s course, assistance in preparing the venue, or handling any potential additional elements, such as live music.

Thus, a humanist wedding includes a myriad of possibilities, from the choice of the venue to the very scenario, with a number of elements of the event. But most of all it is your personal experience, often extremely moving for you and your guests.